Chicago. Travel. Imagination.

It’s my duty to warn you that I am not a professional writer, these are just aimless ramblings and ideas that makes up a 29 year old’s life. I do enjoy Chicago, photography, music and traveling which I will try to intertwine as it happens. Now let’s go for an adventure.


Clouds. They could be anything. I remember looking up at the sky Imagining. Clouds. They have endless possibilities. The sun may shine through While a storm can pass too They fail to […]

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Niagara Falls Travel

Niagara Falls Travel Photography Niagara Falls. Three powerful waterfalls that are the very seam that separates the United States and Canada. I remember stories of people plunging over the waterfall in […]

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A Night of Live Music

Live music and photography They Say, “Do What You Love, Love What You Do” and it never becomes more apparent than when I photograph musicians. Whether I’m photographing a live […]

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