Chicago Photographer Paul Aparicio 

A lifestyle photographer based out of Chicago, who loves music, traveling & getting lost.

I am a Chicago based photographer, where much of my inspiration derives from exploration. It is a journey in which perspective and subject is constantly changing. I’m drawn by curiosity and learn through seeing. Whether be it through abstract photographyminimalist photography, and so on, I strive to frame the beauty that is often overlooked in order to expose a new form of interpretation.

Robby Cavanaugh stated that he was always interested in art because it was a quiet form of expression. It’s a medium or a form of expression in which you can just put yourself out there, with no need to talk to anyone. I’ve always saw photography as a sort of conversation without words. Conversations are unique and personal as with photography. They change as you get older, as you experience new things, as you see the world, while some words will always stay true. 

This is not a documentary, but mere snapshots of my journey. This is an exploration through photography.

Thank you for joining me.

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Industry:  Music, Architecture, Chicago, Travel, Product, Lifestyle