south dakota

adventure + travel photography
The Badlands and the Black Hills National Forest in South Dakota has been on my list of places to go to for quite sometime and the first long weekend I had, I quickly jumped at the opportunity to adventure. It was one of those many ‘get in the car and go’ moments. I did just that and before I knew it, I was enjoying a 12 hour road trip from Chicago to South Dakota.

The first time I saw a picture of the Badlands it looked like nothing I have ever seen; it was dry and rugged yet seemed delicate and colorful. The complete opposite of the Black Hills which is an oasis of cliffs, trees, waterfalls and lakes, not to mention home of the famous Mount Rushmore. It was a perfect balance of two different worlds and indescribably beautiful. There’s so much to see and I can not wait for my next adventure in South Dakota. This was a truly unforgettable trip, reminding me how beautiful and unique this world that we live in really is. Happy adventuring!

You can read more about my experience here: Badlands | Black Hills National Forest

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