The Chicago Flag Everything You Need to Know at the Wrigley Building Downtown Urban City

The Chicago Flag: Everything You Need to Know

Flags are not just a piece of cloth that represents a country. They are manifestations of the virtue, ideology, values, and patriotism of a nation. The Chicago flag has a distinguished design that speaks about the integrity of the land. 


The flag conveys the essence of historical events that the city has experienced over time. The city went through certain big incidents and sustained peace and development. The Chicago flag is amazingly put with a clear representation of the geographical and historical aspects.

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The Importance of Chicago Flag

What makes the flag of Chicago so different and what is the history of the city that lies in the design for people to remember forever? Transparency of the Chicago flag interprets the notable transformation of the city. It provides a realization of the past. The critical selection of the flag is evident by the detailing on it with stars and stripes. Each portion states their needful incorporation in the flag. 

The flag’s thoughtful design unites the Chicagoans and ignites patriotism within them. It’s been representing the city of Chicago for over 100 years. Passing from each street and noticing one common thing hanging on walls, buildings, houses none other than the Chicago flag. The city people are proud to be Chicagoans and sustaining a great survival history of the place. 

The flag helps the people of Chicago to grow further as a community and stays united. A single gaze on the flag and a complete history creates a flashback in your mind.

The Chicago Flag at Aqua Tower in Downtown

The Facts about the Flag

The Chicago flag entails some important facts to remember:

  • It is designed with two blue and three white stripes. The thicker strip has got a range of six-pointed stars and each star indicates its purpose. 
  • The flag commission underwent a lengthy procedure for the final decision of flag selection. The flag was not randomly picked, it was found suitable after rigorous consideration according to the city’s past incidents.
  • The most diversified man Wallace Rice put a thoughtful effort to emerge as the unique design for this flag.
  • As the flag had room for more stars in its initial stage, the officials are trying to add a fifth star too. Due to not having a historical link with it, the flag has only four stars for now.
  • The flag owns a surprising rating of 9.03 out of ten given by a survey held in 2004 amongst nations’ best city flags. 
  • The astonishing facts do not stop here, moreover, it stood second after Washington’s in the USA’s flag competition.
  • Its simplicity does not let it down but makes it descriptive and engaging.
Chicago Flag outside of the the Carbide and Carbon Building in Downtown City Loop

The History of Chicago Flag

The Chicago flag brings along an exceptional history that will surely shift your attention to discover more about it. Wallace Rice’s design made sensations in the municipal flag commission which was founded in 1915 by Mayor William Hale. It was the best choice amongst 1000 amazing designs which the commission received. The uniqueness and well-defined structure of the flag made it stand out from all those designs. It’s been 100 years since this distinctive flag but still has the same importance as it had back then. 

The increase from two to four stars happened gradually and added more significance to it after the 1933 and 1939 addition. It was the first time in history that the design had six-pointed stars, it was specially done for the Chicago flag. You will see it and figure out just the stars and the stripes on a white cloth. It’s not that simple for the Chicagoans each star and stripe has meant something for them.

The Significance of Stars on the Flag

As mentioned above, everything on the flag has separate importance. The stairs leading from left to right speak about the historical events that put Chicagoans in reminiscences. Firstly there were only two stars, but, as the incidents made an increase, more stars were added in the line. Wallace Rice wanted the flag to speak for itself and shine bright. 

The four stars on the flag represent the following events:

  • Fort Dearborn
  • The Great Chicago Fire 1871
  • The World’s Columbian Exposition 1893
  • The Century of Progress Exposition.

Let’s define what these events are and why they are important for Chicago history. 

Fort Dearborn

The Fort Dearborn event reminds the people about the battle fought between US troops and native Americans. The battle caused the dissertation of the fort and later on reestablished in 1816 to pay tribute to Henry Dearborn.

The Great Chicago Fire 1871

The great Chicago fire of 1871 caused a lot of harm to Chicago city. Later on, the city redeveloped.

The World’s Columbian Exposition 1893

The famous exposition was held in 1893 to commemorate the 400th Cristopher Columbus anniversary.   

The Century of Progress Exposition

The century of progress exposition was one of the largest fairs held in Chicago to look back on the 100 years old history of the city.

Chicago Board of Trade Building with American and City Flag outside in downtown

The Details of Strips in Chicago Flag

As the stars define everything related to them, likewise, the stripes represent different geographical aspects of Chicago. The flag’s design is effortless, yet persuasive with its distinguished blue and white representations along with the stars. It entails two light blue and three white stripes. The middle stripe is wider than the upper and lower one and has stars horizontally. The three white bands represent north, west, and south areas and people of different races.  

The blue stripes are an illustrative representation of different portions of water. The upper blue stripe tells about Michigan Lake and the north side of the Chicago River. The lower one represents the south part of the Chicago River, Chicago Sanitary, and Ship canal. Each element in the flag explains the detail of the city and exhibits the fineness of the artisan’s thoughts. It provokes positivity of the history and the long travel for peace and maintenance in its inhabitants. A glance at it and it appears to be a clear storyteller of the past memorable happenings.


The flag of Chicago is a symbol of unity, compassion, integrity, and a praiseful survival of Chicagoans. Every component of this flag stands for its meaning and altogether makes an absolute mark of excellence.