The Blackstone Hotel in Chicago

The Blackstone Hotel in the heart of downtown Chicago may be one of the most historic staples in the fabric of the city. Walking down Michigan Ave, you’re bound to notice a few of Chicago’s most architecturally significant buildings. From the Wrigley Building to the Tribune Tower to the John Hancock Center, but if you head a little bit south there is an unmistakable mansard roof peaking above the skyline.

I was fortunate to have been able to spend a night at the historic Blackstone Hotel last month. The home of the original “smoke filled room”, today it’s a mix of historical, modernism that you can not help but wonder about the stories that were written inside of these walls. Opening the door to my room I was immediately welcomed with sunlight reflecting off the marble floor as well as their signature KOVAL bourbon waiting to be poured. It was a luxurious room that I never wanted to leave. I found myself sketching behind a desk during the day, watching the city lights at night and waking up to the sunrise over Lake Michigan in the morning. Although my time here was only for a night, it was a wonderful experience that I would not trade for the world.

Chicago Fall Photography

Where is the Blackstone Hotel?

The Blackstone Hotel is located in downtown Chicago at 636 South Michigan Avenue. It is situated at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Balbo Drive in the center of the Michigan Boulevard Historic District. Just a few steps away Buckingham Fountain and across from Grant park, this may be one of the most beautifully located hotels in Chicago.

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The Historic Architecture

Inside the Blackstone Hotel

Inside of this architectural icon are stories from Chicago’s past and yet a contemporary and chic environment. This luxurious 335 room hotel is updated for all of your needs with modern amenities (not to mention the marble bathrooms, craft cocktails, stunning views of Lake Michigan and Grant Park) that you can’t help but feel like you are in a luxurious paradise. From your first steps into the lobby to the last steps into your breathtaking room, the Blackstone hotel is a stay I will never forget.

Outside of the Blackstone Hotel

Located in the heart of Chicago, on one of the most vibrant streets, you immediately feel like you have the whole city in the palm of your hands. Just looking out the window to the mind blowing view of Grant Park made me want to grab my camera and just go. And so I did.

The streets were alive, Grant Park was preparing itself for summer and the tulips scattered throughout Chicago sprang to life. I don’t live in Chicago, but I’m here quite often. I usually drive up here, park and either walk or take the CTA to get around the city.  But this time, I found myself walking for the entire day, never once worrying about what time it was or when I should leave. I was free to just enjoy the city… just me and my camera.  This was a convenience I never once thought I’d appreciate until my stay at the Blackstone.

This was simply an amazing opportunity that I’m for ever humble to have experienced. Below are a few of my favorite pictures I have ever taken and it is all due to everyone at Blackstone Hotel. A big thanks for letting me be apart of the heart that beats the city. This was one of the most relaxing days that I’ve ever had and now I have a new favorite hotel. Until next time, and trust me, there will be a next time.

Interesting Facts of the Day:

  • The Blackstone Hotel opened its doors on my birthday April 6th, 1910 (I wasn’t born in 1910)
  • It attracted everyone from Teddy Roosevelt, the Rockefellers, to Nat King Cole and Al Capone.
  • The Blackstone Hotel was declared a historic landmark in 1998.

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