The Wolf Creek Habitat in Brookville, Indiana is one of those places that you never thought existed but you are so thankful that it does. Firstly, let me say that I have always been infatuated with wolves. I remember being in elementary school, creating a whole comic series called Space Wolf as I flipped through my wolf calendar and drank orange juice out of my wolf mug. So yeah, when I found out that there was a Wolf Rescue relatively close to me, I knew I had to go. 

Wolf Creek Habitat offers guests the chance to personally encounter these beautiful animals. The faculty, who are also volunteers, are not only knowledgable and caring about their wolves but are truly beyond the nicest people you will meet. And because of this I have been back numerous times. Although it is free to see and photograph the wolves from an elevated viewing platform (like the pictures below), I would suggest you opt for the interactions. You then will experience just how beautiful and quite large these creatures are. 

A Memory with the Wolves

My favorite memory has to be when my friend and I, traveled down to Indiana to visit Wolf Creek Habitat. It was the end of summer and the trip was persuaded by the fact that there was a brand new litter of wolves at the rescue. Yes, that’s right, wolf puppies. I along with a small group, huddled together in one of the enclosures, sat down and the puppies continuously ran across and played with all of the guests. This was a little slice of heaven and an experience I will never forget.

Wolf Creek Habitat Rescue Photography