Chicago | Milwaukee | Los Angeles

My passion for architecture photography originated from my studies in architecture mixed with my curiosity for urban exploration. Having Chicago in your backyard, is like a playground when it comes to architecture photography. And so it is no surprise that when I got my first camera I would travel to Chicago every weekend and photograph everything I saw. Although I enjoyed taking pictures of landscape, nature and concert, nothing seemed to be as powerful to me as my pictures of looking up as the Chicago architecture swallowed me. It may be the scale of the buildings that first drew me in but I’ve been exploring architecture photography ever since. From walking into the Disney Music Concert Hall to the strolling down the streets of downtown Reykjavik in Iceland to exploring Chicago’s abandoned buildings, I never know what to expect; but it seems like at every corner I turn, there’s always a new surprise. From the towering facades to the historic architecture, the power of architecture, not only of Chicago but cities across the world, seems endless. I hope to visit and explore more through photography of the worlds built environment and the details that some of the most creative minds have not only envisioned but has brought to life.