Chicago Abandoned Buildings

Lost but in it’s place.

Chicago abandoned buildings are scattered throughout the fabric of the city. There is something beautifully compelling about the broken architecture, the bones of a building that years ago held so much life. Now many of these abandoned buildings in Chicago contain a different sense of life. The walls of these forgotten places act as a canvas to some of the best Chicago muralist and street artists in the city. I created an urban exploration photography gallery below.

How to Find Abandoned Buildings in Chicago?

Wherever you look it seems like Chicago buildings are being demolished and redeveloped at a rapid rate, but there are still numerous places in Chicago that are waiting to be explored. Although I do not encourage breaking and entering, there are beautiful abandoned buildings worth exploring if you have a ‘chance’. Finding places to explore can be a daunting feat, a few good resources can be found at local urbex, or by exploring your favorite reddit forum. While many places are unsupervised they are still watched and can be very dangerous. Please do your research, be smart and most importantly be safe.

Urban Exploration

Urban exploration is an amazing opportunity for photography. There is a sort wanderlust aspect when exploring old buildings. It feels like you are on your way to discovering something new. A mysteriousness lingers with every step. But wether it is your first time urban exploring or your hundredth time, safety is always forefront. Do not travel alone, and at least have another person know where you are. Although I have been fortunate enough to encounter friendly and helpful people while inside of an abandoned building, I have heard some pretty scary stories of people who have not. When it comes to anything in life, just be safe, know your limits and trust your instincts.