Lake Michigan Recreation Area Photography

The smell of a Lake Michigan beach lingers in the air. I close my eyes and all I hear are the leaves being slowly pushed by the wind. This is where I am most at ease; the most myself. I enjoy it. Waking up with the trees above your head, cooking a meal over a fire, listening to the wood crackle as it burns, all while breathing in the fresh Michigan air.

A couple of weeks ago, I drove up to the Lake Michigan Recreation Area. There was no reason in particular, I guess it just seemed like a good opportunity to get away for a day; to keep it simple, no distractions and to just be. I knew I was getting close as all of the windows were filled with views of endless trees. Perfectly framing every passing moment. A bumpy, dirt road gently carves it way through the forest as to leave the least impact on nature. Once I opened up my door, there seemed to be a sense of relief. The air carried the soft sounds of laughter with a backdrop of Lake Michigan meeting the shore. A natural landscape. I smiled with every step closer to the beach, and as my feet hit the sand I felt like a child again.

Whenever I road trip, hike or just wander by myself, I always feel like I’m at peace; that I have the world in the palm of my hands. Maybe because I can clear my head of every thought and just live in that moment. Here are a couple of those moments that made me smile.