Grand Mere State Park in Michigan

Lake Michigan has some of the most beautiful beaches along the lake front. There are beaches that offer wonderful views of the Chicago skyline. While others are sanctuary of untouched landscape, stretching for miles. Grand Mere State Park is part of the latter. While it is located in Michigan it is just a short drive from Chicago. As a matter of fact, I was trying to find somewhere that was new to me but still close by. As a result, I stumbled upon a little stretch of land along the lake shore a short time ago. This time the air was brisk while the dunes were quiet. It definitely did not feel as if spring was on the brink of returning anytime soon. Trudging up through the sand is a task itself but the view at the top makes you quickly forget that.

The waves quickly made their presence known as it’s reaching it’s way onto the sand. There is nothing soother than the sounds of the waves crashing in. As much as I come to these places for photography, I come here more to rediscover just how carefree life can be. Walking along the beach, it’s almost inevitable that all of your worries, problems, or doubts get washed way. Grand Mere State Park is not a bad adventure to spend on a Sunday.

how far is chicago from grand mere state park michigan map

How far is Chicago from Grand Mere State Park Michigan?

If you are coming from Chicago and driving straight to Grand Mere, it would take around  1.5 hours give or take. This route takes I-90 to I-94.


Where is it?

The address to Grand Mere State Park is:

7337 Thornton Dr, Stevensville, MI 49127
Grand Mere State Park map Michigan