Chicago Bokeh

A step back to refocus

I’ve recently taken a step back in almost every aspect in my life to sort of refocus. It was so easy for me to get caught up in my daily routine, trying to juggle many things at once and slowly filling up my plate. Feeling overwhelmed, I started to find myself sitting around wishing; waiting for something to happen like I needed permission. Little to my surprise that accomplished absolutely nothing. So I took a step back. I guess if you want to change or start something then you just have to do it (I know who would have thought). So I’m looking at photography and a lot of other things with a fresh new pair of eyes. I’m trying new things and just having fun getting weird with it. I know I’ll be at that point again, it’s inevitable. But hopefully I’ll remember these pictures of a blurry Chicago that I took at different moments of my life just because I like how the city lights look when it is not in focus.