Chicago Live Concert Photography

Chicago Live Concert Photography

Chicago Live Concert Photography

The only better feeling than being at a live concert in Chicago is being able to capture each note in a photograph. Although I have been photographing music and musicians for quite a few years, each concert still feels like the first. I see it in my photographs; my mindset seems to change. Pictures become more about energy, light becomes a backdrop, and the noise is as prevalent in each image as it was in person. There is a sense of freedom with each click because it is not about shooting a gig or taking pictures for a client, this is about the love of music and being able to share that with others. Here are a few shots from my latest live concert.


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Chicago Concert and Music Photography

Scott Stapp Concert Photography

Scott Stapp Concert Photography

I watched the drops of rain dance off the puddles on the ground, as I walked into the historic Arcadia Theatre in St. Charles west of Chicago. It’s my favorite kind of night, a night packed with live music. These days I find solace at concerts, a sort of palladium to the outside world and the feelings tonight were no different.

It seems a little surreal that I opened up an email asking me to shoot concert photography for Scott Stapp of Creed. I feel like it was yesterday I was watching his band’s music videos, and hearing his voice all over the radio. I was excited, anxious and a little nervous but all of those feelings quickly dissipated, as the lights faded, the theatre went black and the first chord of the guitar ranged through the crowd like a ripple in water. I lifted up my camera and snapped my first picture.


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Surreal Music and Nature Photography



My eyes awake in the middle of the night and yet to my surprise my legs begin to rise

I climb in a daze as I get up from my bed, grab a pen a paper and wrote what was in my head

What if I could paint the songs that I can play, what if I could fly a million miles away

What if I could live at the bottom of the sea, or see the sun rise atop the tallest tree

But who am I to say that these dreams are far away, that my lifestyle’s was here to stay, or that I’ve lived my better days

The sun may be asleep but my vision’s looking bright, no one’s on the streets but the world seem so alive

I feel like this is right, the words I’m write tonight, while thinking about my life with no worries in my sight

My mind begins to move and my thoughts begin to sooth, should probably get to bed but I have so much to do

So as the sun begins to rise, a new story begins to write, about man who’s flying high, high out of sight

Cause that is where his mind is trailing in the air, his feet were on the ground but his head was never there

So off to the unseen, blue seas, valley of  trees, the volcanoes, mountains & everywhere in between

Cause it’s not about where you’ve been, but where you haven’t seen, it’s curiosity and escaping your damn routine

Can’t be afraid to be young, have fun or wonder what’s above, it’s the risk that you take that show you what your made of

So what do you want to do, when you wake up every day, go to a job to get by or accomplish something great

It’s not about your car, your house or how much you get paid, because in the end it’s you your going to hate

So do something you love, something that makes you proud, something that’s worth telling the whole damn world about


Surreal Music and Nature Photography


Chicago live music concert photographer

A Night of Live Music

They Say, “Do What You Love, Love What You Do” and it never becomes more apparent than when I photography musicians. Whether I’m photographing a live event or simply going to concert solely for the music, theres no describing the energy and intensity each musician brings to the stage and this band was no different. New Age Renegades is a Chicago party rock cover band in which is pretty is conveyed in each photograph I took of them. If you enjoy dancing, singing along to your favorite songs, and enjoying watching/ listening to musicians who love what they do, they will not disappoint. Here are a couple of moments from New Age Renegades concert photography shoot.