Chicago. Travel. Imagination.

It’s my duty to warn you that I am not a professional writer, these are just aimless ramblings and ideas that makes up a 29 year old’s life. I do enjoy Chicago, photography, music and traveling which I will try to intertwine as it happens. Now let’s go for an adventure.


Surreal This past year has surely been a wild one and personally it has been the most that I have grown. I’ve met some beautiful people that I never thought […]

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360 Chicago Sunrise

360 Chicago Sunrise I was recently invited by a fellow photographer, Kavita (go check her out) to a sunrise meet, hosted by 360 Chicago and did not quite know what to expect. Firstly […]

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Chicago Bokeh

Chicago Bokeh A step back to refocus I’ve recently taken a step back in almost every aspect in my life to sort of refocus. It was so easy for me […]

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