Photographing the ancient ferns at the Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago Illinois

A Walk in Chicago’s Lincoln Park Conservatory

Sometimes you just need to go for a walk and think. I did. I surrounded myself with the wildness of the Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago, a small nature filled arena encapsulated in a city of architecture and density. Walking through the doors, I was quickly hit with a wave of humidity. Quite the contrast to the winter weather outside, my lens instinctively began to fog up. I began wiping the sweat off of my lens but to hardly any prevail. Nonetheless, the mixture of light and a thin layer of cloudiness gave a magical effect that I didn’t find out until I got home. Stay wild.

These photographs and words below coincide with each other. Although they may be diverse visually and linguistically, they are all tied together by the same string.

Not everyday is created equal.

There are days you cannot be stopped
And days which require more strength to get through.

There are days that are filled with brightness which cast a light
those that are engulfed in darkness.

Not everyday is created equal.

I enjoy the days where I’m all alone in the middle of I don’t know where
as much as I relish the ones where I’m surrounded by a school strangers in
Millennium Park on a Sunday afternoon.

I find peace in those deep breathes in.
And cannot live without those days that leave you breathless.

Not everyday is created equal.

There’s apprehension that builds up with a lost of control
And a beauty rises in being lost.

Soak in the highs
And understand the lows

Appreciate not knowing.


Not everyday is created equal.