A Flea Market and Some Vintage Cameras

Flea markets were made for the phrase “you will never know what you will find”. Cliche? Yes but it’s also the best way to get me to hand you all my money. I mean who could pass up a little mystery. I first started going to flea markets just because it was the only place I could get a snow cone for a dollar. But after a mild brain freeze and my senses thawed out, I started to become filled with curiosity every turn. It quickly the forefront of my mind, “I wonder how old that is?”, “Hmm, never thought about doing that”, “They can sell that?”, or just simply and my favorite, “What the heck is that?”. But it wasn’t until I got into photography that I started a small infatuation with vintage cameras.

At one visit, was walking through vendors and perusing their tables, until I stopped and stared at one of those stand up vintage cameras.  I was instantly creating narratives of the previous owners who stood behind and snapped moments through this exact camera. Ever since then, I’ve been fascinated with these vintage cameras, but most importantly the constant mystery behind them. I look at the couple I have as a little reminder to why I’m here. Each camera, like us, has it’s stories; they’ve seen good and not so good days, but all of those moments are the very reason why they are here. Everything that has happened and not happened to me is the very reason why I am here, sitting in a chair on a Sunday night writing this. And my future? Well, my future is unknown for now. So, like a flea market, I’ll embrace the adventure and explore, because what the heck, “you will never know what you will find”.

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