360 Chicago Sunrise pt. II

A moment of déjà vu, as I watch an orange glow nonchalantly make it’s way above the horizon of Lake Michigan. I find myself 1000 feet above Chicago, marking my second time being at 360 ChicagoI celebrated this notable anniversary by soaking in a picturesque sunrise, to say the least (I mean it was pretty fantastic). 

Being at a photography meet like this, reminds me of being at local music show. There’s a handful of people, like Apoorva (a pretty awesome photographer), from a plethora of backgrounds, all here to enjoy this little moment.

These are the days that make me stop and truly appreciate the fact that I’m here seeing what I’m seeing. That there are people who are curios enough to be 94 floors high to watch the streets of Chicago beam to life. And beam it did.

Photography is a beautiful thing. It slows down life, a damper on the fuel that burns you through the day. It rejuvenates your curiosity, the catalyst of creativity. It leads you to places that you never thought you would see and sheds a new light on places that you’ve enjoyed countless of times. A Chicago sunrise is one of those familiar scenes, that is always in a new light. A scene that I will always chase.


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