We All Have Stories

Stories are what makes the world go around. It’s what makes us who we are, each having a library of their own and everyday we write a new one.

Every now and then we thumb through our dusty shelves. Those frail experiences filed away for when we desperately need strength. Reread those moments of happiness when we are looking for a smile. Glance over a memorable string of words we highlighted because they meant just a little bit more to us and when we are done, we crease over the ear of the page of the seconds before to remind us of where we left off.

Surreal Conceptual Story Telling through Photography of a Folded Paper airplane being Thrown Around a Spinning Globe

But the most important thing we do, is we share our stories. Some in lessons, others as entertainment, a few in a flash of vulnerability, regret or fear but there is always someone wanting to read them even the ones of how your day was. Someone wanted to learn. Someone looking for a different perspective. Someone who’s fascinated in what you have done and who you are. It’s how we are connected and if you are reading this then you are a part of mine and I am a part of yours.

Keep on writing, keep on reading and keep on sharing because stories are what makes the world go around.