360 Chicago Sunrise

I was recently invited by a fellow photographer, Kavita (go check her out) to a sunrise meet, hosted by 360 Chicago and did not quite know what to expect. Firstly it was my first photography event I went to and secondly I have never been to 360 Chicago before. Needless to say, I was pretty excited. Sunrises usually means waking up early, and early in the city is a little different than the hustle and bustle of the day. Walking through Chicago at 5 am had an eerie but serene feeling to it. No one was on the street but the world felt so alive. Kind of like the calm before the storm and before I knew it I was on an elevator, 94 floors up to the eye of the storm.

What’s better than a sunrise in Chicago? A 360 panorama of that sunrise 1000 feet in the air. All I can say is wow, I felt like  a kid in a candy shop with these views. Watching the sunlight slowing awaking the city from the shadows is a moment I will never forget.


Some Food for Thought

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have this city in my backyard. We tend to only look out the window when it’s scenic, and often forget those everyday moments that make up our lives.

Today I turn 30 and this whole idea of appreciation of where you are and who you have become is more relevant than ever for me. We’re living in this sort of ‘new’ digital era, in which you have information at your fingertips 24/7. Advertisements, engagements, politics, new born babies, credit card breaches, duck faces etc. bombard you 24/7. It is the new normalcy and has become ingrained in most, if not everyone’s life in some aspect. It’s this sort of white noise that has made it hard to think, react and just plain sterile to what’s around me.

I remember how simple and real things used to be. Genuine conversations, face to face arguments and the sound of real laughter. Now, conversations are through text, arguments are through online shaming, laughter is reduced to a simple ‘lol’. I’m not going to lie technology plays a big part in my life. It has opened up the door to possibilities I have only dreamt up. I can’t escape it nor am I demeaning it (its the very reason I get to write this blog). I think I’m just a little bitter that I wanted to grow up so fast when I was younger that I didn’t fully appreciate those simpler days. But it’s not too late. I’m watching less t-v, turning off my phone a few nights, enjoying conversations with people but most importantly, I’m looking around more. It’s pretty amazing what there is to see.

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